At Presagia, we pride ourselves on providing an innovative, powerful, and essential software that simplifies the lives of our clients while helping them reach new heights and achieve their objectives. Below you will find a few of our customer success stories, giving you an insider’s perspective on just how our solution has improved their ability to provide the best possible care to their athletes.

Clemson University

“The system is so user friendly and can be tailored to what you specifically need in your program. We’ve been able to use customer service whenever we have questions, and they are always quick to respond with great feedback. Our experience has been very positive.”

– Travis Johnston, Assistant Athletic Trainer

University of Toledo

“Having a system that is web-based is huge for us. Now we can document on the road, instead of staying late in the office.”

-Brad Pierson, Associate Athletic Trainer

Trinity Sports Medicine

Trinity Health Logo

“The customer service is off the charts and they’ve always been very helpful when problem-solving issues – it’s never an issue if I call and say I need help or another license. I’ve been very happy with the entire company, not just with the product. To be honest, I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

-Robyn Gust, Sports Medicine Manager

University of Minnesota

“It’s easy to be collaborative when you’re all in the same room, but when you’re not in the same room, you need to have a system that allows you to communicate. The way that we’ve set up Presagia Sports really helps us achieve this.”

– Moira Novak, Director of Athletics Medicine and Athletic Training

Stanford University

“With one foot in the performance area, we’re looking to bridge the science and medicine areas as well. The functionality of the system does exactly that, it bridges the gap between performance and research.”

– Kevin Robell, M.A., ATC, Former Associate Athletic Trainer

British Horseracing Authority

“The BHA reviewed a number of different systems before choosing Presagia, the only system that was able to fulfill all of the key requirements of this professional sport. The system had to ensure that busy racecourse medical teams could easily view and update the jockey’s medical database in real time.”

– Paul Lifton, Statistical & IT Analyst

Florida State University

“Having an open line of communication has been a huge benefit. I can get on the phone to learn how a specific feature was designed to work and in doing so use the system better, and I can actually make system suggestions when I think something should work differently. Sometimes I have even teamed up with other Presagia customers to suggest new functionality.”

– Nick Pappas, Sports Medicine Insurance and Risk Coordinator

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