Presagia Sports: The Best Way to Securely and Effectively Manage Your Athletes’ Health Records

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You care about your athletes’ health and well-being.

So do we.

Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record software has been engineered to simplify sports medicine professionals’ and athletic trainers’ day-to-day activities by centralizing key information regarding your athletes’ health. Powerful, easy-to-use, and secure – read more about the features and benefits our solution brings to the table and how it can take your organization to new heights.

Centralize your athlete health records

Provide your team with a tool to efficiently and accurately document athlete injuries, illnesses, interventions, and more. Data entry into one easy-to-use and secure environment also leads to better collaboration and consistency among the sports medicine team, providing you with a holistic view of your athletes’ health.

Simplify your sports medicine team’s day-to-day activities

Why continue with endless amounts of paperwork? Presagia Sports provides your team with a cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere, at any time. This allows you to streamline tedious tasks such as data entry and inputting specific treatment notes, giving athletic trainers and other sports medicine professionals time to focus on what’s really important – your athletes.

Keep your athletes performing at the highest level

By properly managing and preventing injuries, you ensure better performance by your athletes. With Presagia Sports, your team can easily see the status of each athlete to make informed treatment, training and competition decisions that keep your athletes performing at their peak.


Gain actionable insight into injury trends and important data

With Presagia Sports’ advanced reporting features, your organization can report on athlete health data. This gives you the ability to analyze trends, develop strategies to address issues, and measure results. Give your decision-makers all the information they need to make the right choices for the well-being of your athletes!

Now Export Engine Certified by the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention

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Which version of Presagia Sports is right for you?

Presagia Sports Pro Presagia Sports Go Presagia Sports Edu
Role & Group-Based Security Predefined Predefined
DATALYS Certified Compatible
Third Party Integrations
Demographics & Insurance Information
Medical Alerts & Emergency Contact
Health Status, Injuries, & Treatments
Medical Tests & Illnesses
Medical Events
Exposure Events
Generic Body Part SOAP Notes
Specific Body Part SOAP Notes
Exposure and Participation Tracking $
Athlete Portal with Self-Registration
Enhanced Quick Treatment & Training Room Kiosk $
Concussion Module (SCAT5 Compatible) $
Standard Reports with Filters
Report Builder
Athlete Direct Submission $
Administrative Assistance Phone & Email Email Email
Training Videos

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Presagia Sports caters to a diverse array of clients across the sports medicine world, including:

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The Security of Your Data Is Our Priority

Presagia understands the importance of information security and utilizes best-practices to protect customers’ data for the highest level of security and privacy.

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