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Presagia Launches Mobile App For Presagia Sports

2017-05-24T15:12:36-04:00June 27th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

St. Louis, Missouri, June 27, 2012 – Presagia announced today the launch of Presagia Sports Mobile. With this launch, customers will now have access to Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system via their smartphones and tablets, while retaining Presagia's legendary security, scalability and ease of use. Presagia, a leading developer of software solutions for sports medicine offers the cloud-based Presagia Sports on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, making it accessible anywhere the Internet is available. With the huge growth in smartphone and tablet use, Presagia decided to leverage this technology to provide athletic trainers and other medical professionals with a system that facilitates the delivery of critical information when they’re on the run. “At Presagia we actively listen to the needs of our customers and do our best to respond directly,” explains Peter Rorlick, Presagia’s VP of Research and Development and co-founder. “In sports medicine, athletic trainers, team physicians and all others involved need immediate access to athlete health information to make the right treatment decisions. Our mobile app now gives them this immediate access not only in the training room, but also at practice sites and competition venues.” With Presagia Sports Mobile, customers gain a new level of mobility with access to athlete demographics, medical alerts and allergies, injuries, treatments and other medical records. They can also communicate with other members of the medical team via secure messaging and notifications. The new system was officially unveiled today at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. As the largest event for athletic trainers in the world, the NATA Annual Meeting brings together some of the best in the business and the latest cutting edge technology. For Presagia, it was an easy choice to launch Presagia Sports Mobile during this exciting athletic training conference. “We’re extremely excited about the launch of Presagia Sports Mobile,” says Presagia’s CEO Donald Olds. “We worked extensively with many of our customers on the design and are confident the mobile version will benefit our existing and future customers.” For more information about Presagia Sports Mobile, please visit About Presagia Presagia provides secure web-based health management software solutions used by athletics organizations worldwide. Presagia Sports is a multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and injury management system that centralizes information needed by athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and physiotherapists while streamlining data entry. It also includes real-time reporting and collaboration tools. Presagia customers include the World Anti-Doping Agency, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the English Institute of Sport and the Irish Sport Council. Media Contact: Geoff Simpson Director of Marketing, Presagia 1-514-847-7474 x742 ###

New Bill to Protect Student Athletes from Sudden Death

2017-05-24T15:12:48-04:00June 6th, 2012|All, Blog, General|

A new bill was signed in Pennsylvania last week to protect students against the leading cause of student athlete deaths in the U.S. Governor Tom Corbett, who signed House Bill 1610, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, did so in an attempt to safeguard student athletes with undetected heart conditions. The Act’s primary goal is to establish standards and guidelines in order to prevent sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) while raising awareness and encouraging open dialogue. In the context of the Act, athletic activity refers to interscholastic athletics, contests, competitions, noncompetitive cheerleading, practices and scrimmages. The Act requires that: • Students who wish to participate in an athletic activity must sign a form indicating they have received and reviewed an information sheet outlining the symptoms and warning signs of SCA. The form must be signed annually and be co-signed by a parent. • If a student exhibits signs or symptoms of SCA while participating in an athletic activity, they will be removed by the coach immediately. • If a student athlete exhibits any SCA signs prior to an athletic activity, they will not be able to participate. • Once a student has been removed, they may not participate again until they have been evaluated and cleared by a licensed physician, certified nurse practitioner or cardiologist in writing. • Coaches must complete an annual SCA training course and may not coach until such a course is completed. • Minimum penalties shall be enforced for coaches who do not take part in the courses, ranging in severity from seasonal to permanent coaching suspension. SCA is a heart condition in which the muscle suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. Unlike a heart attack where blood continues to flow through the heart but becomes partially blocked, SCA means that blood has completely stopped flowing to the heart and other organs. If it is not treated within minutes, the outcome is usually death. Symptoms include fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pains, dizziness and abnormal racing heart rate. The bill was signed just two weeks before an 18 year old football player collapsed and died during a pickup basketball game in San Marcos, California. While the autopsy report is still pending, it is believed to be the latest SCA tragedy. SCA claims approximately 7,000 young lives annually. So what does this mean for student athletes, coaches and athletic trainers? In reality, not much for those outside of Pennsylvania as this bill is the first of its kind. The passing of this Act does however show a collective effort in moving towards a more proactive approach to athlete health while highlighting the value and importance of doing so at an earlier and more vulnerable stage.   Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

An Athletic Trainer’s Story

2017-05-24T15:12:54-04:00May 3rd, 2012|All, Blog, General|

When we decided to profile an athletic trainer, one particular person came to mind immediately. Having spent time discussing the world of athletic training with him, his fresh perspective on the profession and forward thinking always leaves us impressed. Meet Kevin Robell, an athletic trainer for the highly competitive Stanford University Athletics Department, whose story we’re pleased to share with our readers. Like many student athletes, Kevin was first introduced to the world of athletic training by sustaining an injury. After playing baseball for all his life, he suffered a multi-ligament knee injury his senior year of high school. A born athlete, he needed to find a way to restore function, so he took the initiative and set up times to meet with the school’s athletic trainer. Working together, he was able to reach his goal of being back on the field for the post season without any long term residual effects, which sparked his interest in the healing process. What was initially seen as an untimely injury would eventually set the stage for both his academic and professional career. “I always wanted to do something that helped people, whether it be as a doctor, a physical therapist, or an athletic trainer,” he says. “I wanted to help people reach their goals in the face of adversity. By being an athlete myself, athletic training seemed to be the perfect balance.” Today, Kevin is an Associate Athletic Trainer at Stanford University, working with the women’s soccer team in the fall and men’s volleyball team in the spring. With 35 varsity sports and over 800 student athletes, the athletic training rooms at Stanford are never without action. The 14 resident athletic trainers can see up to 450 students a day. In an unplanned turn of events, Kevin has also become the IT liaison for athletic training. While he never pursued IT academically or professionally, he has a keen sense of how to maximize technology and the creativity needed to put it in perspective. “I think the everyday occurrences that you take for granted with respect to computers and in terms of health information mobility definitely apply to athletic training,” says Kevin. “It was just a matter of putting two and two together and creating an opportunity for things to blossom.” In fact, the relationship between sports medicine and IT and how to harmonize them better has become one of his greatest strengths and interests. “We’re so specialized and skilled and there is so much just sitting there, waiting to be explored by us,” he explains. “There’s still a big gap between IT and sports medicine and merging the two is really exciting. It’s unchartered territory for athletic training and I think it’s primed for a big explosion, especially with chronic illness and injuries at all time highs, it sets the stage for the profession of athletic training to fit in perfectly.” So how did Kevin end up at one of the country’s most prominent athletic schools? After completing a bachelor degree in [...]

Not Just Another Day in the Office – Presagia Goes Sugar Shackin’

2017-05-24T15:13:09-04:00April 20th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

It’s an annual occurrence in Montreal that as the snow melts and the grass reappears, people rush outside in full force to celebrate the shift in seasons. We were no less excited here at Presagia which is exactly why we decided to hold our quarterly staff meeting outside. Instead of our usual conference room, we headed to a nearby sugar shack, the beautiful L’Auberge des Gallant in Ste-Marthe. Sugar shacks, also known as sugar houses, sugar cabins, or in French cabanes à sucre, are where sap is collected from nearby maple trees and boiled down to make maple syrup, taffy, sugar and butter. Quebec is the leading global producer of maple syrup  and with so many delicious sugar shacks in the surrounding area, it's not surprising annual trips are such a tradition here. That's us on the right stuffing ourselves with traditional buffet style menu items like French pea soup, meat pie, maple syrup ham, sausages in maple beer, omelets, home baked beans, pancakes with syrup and upside down maple cake. After our not so light, maple drenched lunch, we discussed sales, new partnerships, objectives and more all over some homemade taffy on ice. All in all a delicious afternoon!     Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Good luck BHA!

2017-05-24T15:13:17-04:00April 10th, 2012|All, Blog, General|

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our customers reach new levels with the help of our software, which is why we are proud to announce that the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has recently been shortlisted for the 2012 BMJ Group Improving Health Awards. Nominated for the Sport and Exercise Team of the Year, this award recognizes those who have actively worked towards promoting physical activity while improving the care of athletes and medical services to the sporting community. This category was launched for the first time this year in honor of the London 2012 Olympics. BHA’s nomination is directly related to the launch of Presagia Sports, which the BHA calls the Racecourse Injury Management Initiative (RIMANI). With RIMANI, the BHA now effectively captures, stores and manages important health data for all of their jockeys while providing an online collaborative space for their approximately 240 doctors working at more than 60 race courses. The BMJ Group has acknowledged the value in tracking any and all jockeys who are ill, injured or get injured on a race day in real-time and the ability to review such information on a daily basis. It took carefully thought out planning and a hardworking team to implement RIMANI, and we think the BMJ has chosen wisely. The award ceremony will take place May 23rd in London, England. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted when the results are announced but until then good luck BHA! Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Brazilian Olympic Confederations Choose Presagia Sports to Manage Athlete Health

2017-05-24T15:14:00-04:00March 8th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

Petrobras funds project to provide Boxing, Weightlifting, Fencing and Taekwondo Confederations with Athlete Electronic Health Record system Montreal, Canada, March 8, 2012 – Presagia, a leading developer of web-based software solutions to manage the health of professional athletes, announced today that the Boxing, Weightlifting, Fencing and Taekwondo Confederations of the Brazilian Olympic Committee are now using Presagia Sports. The software incorporates an Athlete Electronic Health Record (Athlete EHR) and will enable the physician team of the confederations to better manage the health and development of their athletes, in order to promote peak performance in competition. The project was led by HTR Solutions, the official distributor of Presagia Sports in Brazil. Petrobras, the country’s largest energy company, has funded the project with the support of the Brazilian federal government law. Olympic Committees rely on teams of medical specialists to ensure their athletes are healthy and performing at their best, creating a huge amount of health data that needs to be shared in real-time. With Presagia Sports, the Brazilian Boxing, Weightlifting, Fencing and Taekwondo Confederations will utilize a web-based Athlete EHR that they can securely access anywhere, anytime via the Internet. The medical staff can capture complete, accurate health data whether in a sports medicine clinic, at a training facility, or away at a competition – mobility that is essential when treating athletes who are travelling across the globe. “Presagia makes it possible for us to manage and disseminate multidisciplinary information with the medical team in order to be more proactive in our care of our athletes,” said Waldir Zampronha, physiologist for the Boxing and Weightlifting Confederations and Manager of ZAZ Corporativa. Presagia Sports allows the entire medical team to access, manage and share the vast amount of health data generated for each athlete. By providing a centralized database and internal real-time communication tools, well-informed critical treatment decisions can be made more rapidly. “The richness and reliability of Presagia Sports allows us to determine the medical actions we should take with efficiency and resolution,” said Dr. Bernardino Santi, physician for all four confederations. “We are excited to welcome the Boxing, Weightlifting, Fencing and Taekwondo Confederations of the Brazilian Olympic Committee as our newest Olympic customers,” said Peter Rorlick, Co-Founder and VP Research and Development at Presagia. “They join a distinguished group of Olympic Committees who have made health an important piece of their competitive strategy.” For more information about Presagia, visit and for more information about HTR Solutions, visit About Presagia Presagia provides secure web-based health management software solutions used by athletics organizations worldwide. Presagia Sports is a multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and injury management system that centralizes information needed by athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and physiotherapists while streamlining data entry. It also includes real-time reporting and collaboration tools. Our customers include the World Anti-Doping Agency, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the British Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Ireland. For more information about Presagia, please visit Media Contact: Geoff Simpson Director of Marketing, Presagia 514-847-7474 [...]

It’s Off to the Races for Presagia Sports and the British Horseracing Authority

2017-05-24T15:14:08-04:00February 24th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

Montreal, Canada, February 23, 2012 – Presagia announced today the go-live of Presagia Sports for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA), the regulatory and governing body for horse racing in Great Britain. Presagia Sports is an athlete health management system provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis that the BHA will use to record, track, and analyze injuries and other medical data for licensed jockeys. Horse racing is big business in Great Britain - it is the second biggest spectator sport after football, with an annual economic impact of more than £3.4 billion ($5.2 billion USD). The attention and stakes involved puts a lot of pressure on the BHA and their work to support the health of the jockeys and the sport. The BHA collaborated with Presagia to configure Presagia Sports for the unique needs of the sport. The solution provides a consistent framework for its 238 doctors to track falls, injuries and health status for the more than 800 jockeys that compete at 60 different racecourses across Great Britain. The British Horseracing Authority preside over 1,456 fixtures per year, 40% of which are Jump racing fixtures where, on average, a jockey will have one fall every 14 rides. Presagia Sports has allowed the BHA to transition from a legacy paper-based system that had been used for more than 25 years, to a sophisticated and centralized database that is accessible anytime, anywhere over the Internet. “The BHA reviewed a number of different systems before choosing Presagia, the only system that was able to fulfil all of the key requirements of this professional sport,” states Paul Lifton, Statistical & IT Analyst at the BHA. “The system had to ensure that busy racecourse medical teams could easily view and update the jockey’s medical database in real time.” “It had to be simple to use, secure, robust and flexible enough to cope with all the special requirements of a sport that takes place nationwide, on every day of the year,” explains Dr. Michael Turner, the BHA’s Chief Medical Advisor. “Above all the system needed to allow the medical teams in the field to manage and share all this information in real time with the London-based BHA Medical Department.” With the new system in place, the BHA expects to see major improvements in its workflow and record keeping processes, as well as in its ability to perform statistical analysis on medical data. For further information about the project, please visit Presagia will also be publishing a case study on the BHA shortly following this press release. About Presagia For 25 years, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent software solutions to address the health and absence management requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners, and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and absence information. Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Presagia Customers Win Gold at Vancouver 2010

2010-03-05T22:18:26-04:00March 5th, 2010|Company News|

Montreal, Canada, March 5, 2010 - Presagia, developer of web-based Health Management software, congratulates its Olympic customers and their athletes for their outstanding performances at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. The Canadian and British Olympic Teams together took home 27 medals, including 15 gold medals. With 14 gold medals, Canada set a new record for most gold medals ever won at a Winter Olympics. This success highlights the value of Canada’s “Own the Podium” program and the importance of managing Athlete Health. Through strategic initiatives focused on athletes’ health, training and performance, Canada turned its investment into gold. The Canadian and British Olympic Teams utilize Presagia Sports to manage the health information of their athletes and to connect the medical team in real-time. Presagia Sports is a secure web-based health management system used by athletics organizations worldwide. A multi-sport athlete EHR and injury management system, Presagia Sports centralizes information needed by athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and physiotherapists, streamlines data entry to speed up the capture of treatment records, and includes real-time reporting and collaboration tools. Click here to learn more about Presagia Sports. About Presagia Corp. Presagia develops integrated health and absence management software solutions for employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. Our user-friendly solutions will enable your organization to improve communication and streamline processes, resulting in reduced health costs, increased productivity and promoting overall health, wellness and safety. Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Latest Presagia Sports Release Further Enhances Athlete Health Management

2007-06-07T18:28:55-04:00June 7th, 2007|Company News|

Montreal, Canada, June 7, 2007—Presagia Corp.®, a leading provider of innovative web-centric software solutions for total athlete health and performance management, today announced the release of Presagia Sports version 3.0.1, further enhancing the world’s premier athlete health management software platform. Originally introduced as InjuryTracker in 1998 the solution revolutionized the sports medicine community’s management of athlete health and performance, enabling anytime, anywhere access to centralized electronic information. Then, recognizing the versatility and flexibility the Internet could provide, the solution evolved into the web-based InjuryZone in 2004 (re-branded Presagia Sports in 2006 following an upgrade). The Presagia Sports web-based application leverages a highly secure, comprehensive athlete health record and powerful, easy-to-use work tools. Tailored to meet the needs of the sports medicine environment, Presagia Sports makes possible effective capture, management and analysis of athlete health information. With this release, Presagia again demonstrates its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that revolutionize the athlete health management arena. Enhancements include: New User Interface – Throughout the applications there have been graphical and navigational improvements to make the system more intuitive and optimize flow and layout. These changes afford users a more integrated, holistic view of information while streamlining various health management processes. Expanded Reporting – Increasing analytical capabilities, the system can report on Notes records and organizations have the option to implement Dashboards. These are a set of personalized graphs and/or charts that provide an ‘at a glance’ visual overview of aggregated analytics, thereby supporting decision-making and enabling efficient tracking of key health indicators. Worklists – Utilizing Worklists, users can create and manage multiple task lists, promoting efficient and more active time management processes as well as collaboration between users. Knowledge Base - Providing users with role specific decision-support, the Knowledge Base is an optional feature that can be customized on a per client basis, and may contain up-to-date sports medicine best-practice strategies, process wizards, links to expert articles and more. This enables all stakeholders in athlete health and performance management to make rapid, informed and effective decisions throughout the continuum of care. Presagia Sports is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis – customers pay a monthly or yearly fee for system use and support – minimizing total cost of ownership and enabling virtually instant implementation. Combining this, the most recent upgrade, and proven functionality and technology, Presagia Sports affords the sports community an unparalleled solution to ramp up athlete health management processes. About Presagia Corp. For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness information. Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Moore Orthopaedic Clinic Leverages Presagia Technology to Create 15,000 Athlete Health Records

2007-03-22T18:21:52-04:00March 22nd, 2007|Company News|

Montreal, Canada, March 22, 2007—Presagia Corp.®, the leading developer and provider of real-time web-centric solutions for health, safety and injury management, today announced the signing of a contract with Moore Orthopaedic Clinic of South Carolina for the deployment of Presagia Sports™ – the sport industry’s total athlete health management system. This comes at a time when leading sports medicine providers are realizing the significant value to be gained from implementing web-based health information management systems incorporating Athlete Health Records. Delivering quality sports medicine outreach services across the Midlands of South Carolina to all types of athletes, from professional and college level players to little leaguers, requires Moore Orthopaedic Clinic to be at the top of its game all the time. Recognizing the crucial role health information management plays in the care process, Moore Orthopaedic Clinic turned to Presagia Sports™ to centralize and streamline its processes. This system will empower Moore Orthopaedic Clinic’s sports medicine team with anytime, anywhere online and offline access to complete athlete health information, health management tools, and decision-support resources. Furthermore, Moore will join a growing number of health innovators adopting Electronic Health Records (EHRs) by creating 15,000 Athlete Health Records within the Presagia system. “Since opening our doors in 1928, Moore Orthopaedic Clinic has maintained a spirit of innovation first instilled by our founder Dr. Austin T. Moore, a leading orthopaedic surgeon,” says Dr. Wendell Holmes, M.D., of Moore Orthopaedic Clinic. “We are proud to continue that trend as we now implement state-of-the-art health information technology to support our care processes.” “In the highly competitive sports environment it is critical for athletes to be returned to competition quickly and safely,” explains Dr. Frank Noojin, M.D., of Moore Orthopaedic Clinic. “Utilizing Presagia Sports™ is about providing our medical team technology that enables them to deliver faster, more effective care on and off the field, thus supporting expedited recoveries.” “Recently some employers have gained widespread recognition through a series of highly publicized electronic health record initiatives,” states Rick Bercuvitz, Chief Operating Officer of Presagia Corp. “These employers should be looking for guidance from leading sports organizations like Moore Orthopaedic Clinic that have already implemented health information technology to provide higher quality, streamlined care to athletes. We are proud and excited to work with Moore Orthopaedic Clinic on this initiative.” Presagia Sports™ seamlessly connects medical personnel and training support staff with instant web-based access to comprehensive athlete health information in a centralized system. The resulting communication and collaboration improves workflow efficiencies and reduces redundant data-entry to facilitate effective athlete health management. Simultaneously, Presagia Sports™ supports in-depth trend analysis for the development and implementation of proactive medical and training strategies to promote, maintain and enhance athlete health. About Presagia Corp. For nearly two decades, Presagia has been developing and implementing intelligent health management software solutions to address the health, safety and wellness requirements of employers, healthcare practitioners and athletics organizations worldwide. These solutions streamline information flow and improve communication for more effective management and analysis of key health and wellness [...]

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