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Presagia Partners With Physiotec to Deliver Optimized Care to Athletes

2017-05-24T14:16:32-04:00April 26th, 2013|All, Blog, Company News|

  Montreal, Canada, April 26, 2013 – Presagia, the leading developer of web-based and mobile Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solutions, announced today that they have partnered with Physiotec, a forerunner in the development of health and fitness exercise software. The integration of Physiotec’s software with the Presagia Sports Athlete EHR will enable sports medicine professionals to better engage athletes with interactive exercise and rehabilitation programs. Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible Athlete EHR and concussion assessment system that centralizes athlete health data including injuries and illnesses, treatments, surgeries, and medications. It also provides communication tools to connect the medical team in support of collaborative healthcare. Physiotec specializes in interactive exercise programs for rehab therapy and fitness. It’s software solution includes over 5,000 unique exercises comprehensively presented in video, photo and written formats, making it an invaluable resource for athletes and medical professionals during treatment and rehab, as well as for strength and conditioning. “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Presagia. This collaboration stemmed from both parties' willingness to provide their clients with a state-of-the-art revolutionary yet simple integrated solution,” states Pierre Labonte, President of Physiotec. “Through its shared vision with Presagia, Physiotec reinforces the vital role that it plays in today's fitness, wellness, and sports performance industries.” Through the integration, Presagia Sports mobile app will include a section showing all of the Physiotec exercise programs prescribed for an athlete. Users can then view the details of any exercise program and launch Physiotec to modify the program or watch the videos. “Physiotec’s and Presagia Sports’ web-based offerings complement each other perfectly; users will now be able to navigate from one system to the other with a single sign in and prescribe specific exercise programs quickly and easily without any duplication of data entry. We’re thrilled to offer our customers access to Physiotec’s best-in-class library of targeted exercise videos and documentation,” declares Donald Olds, President and CEO of Presagia. Athletes will also be able to take advantage of this powerful functionality, directly on their mobile phones. They will be able to see all of their exercise programs, current and historical, and watch how-to videos. This will bring a new level of interactive engagement by providing athletes with an invaluable resource to help them follow their treatment plans, resulting in faster, healthier recoveries. For more information about Presagia Sports, visit About Presagia Presagia provides secure web-based health management software solutions used by athletics organizations worldwide. Presagia Sports is a multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and injury management system that centralizes information needed by athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and physiotherapists while streamlining data entry. It also includes real-time reporting and collaboration tools. Presagia customers include the World Anti-Doping Agency, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the English Institute of Sport and the Irish Sport Council. About Physiotec Since 1993, Physiotec has been a forerunner in the development of health and fitness exercise software in the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, manual therapy, sports & fitness. [...]

Presagia Sports featured in Training & Conditioning Magazine

2017-05-24T14:19:37-04:00April 8th, 2013|All, Blog, Company News|

  Montreal, Canada, April 8, 2013 – Presagia, the leading developer of web-based athlete health management software solutions, is pleased to have been featured in the latest issue of Training & Conditioning magazine. T&C is a publication geared towards the sports medicine industry and those professionals involved in the training, conditioning, rehab and care of competitive athletes at all levels. In the featured article, On the Front Lines, T&C focuses on a wide range of tools to help prevent, diagnose and assist healing of concussions. These include software, fitness training tools and nutritional supplements. Presagia Sports, a secure web-based and mobile-accessible Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, was chosen based on its recently integrated SCAT2, one of the most widely used concussion assessment tools. Click here to read the full article or click here to browse through the whole magazine online and flip to page 19. With the integrated mobile SCAT2, Presagia Sports users can assess their athletes for concussions via their smartphones and tablets using a step by step process. The system provides automatic calculations, a built in timer and can store baselines assessments, allowing for more accurate assessments to be made. All information stored within the Athlete EHR is centralized, meaning the entire medical team is instantly notified when a possible concussion takes place, allowing them to modify treatment and medical plans if necessary to deliver optimized care to their athletes. For more information about Presagia Sports and the mobile concussion assessment tool, please visit About Presagia Presagia provides secure web-based health management software solutions used by athletics organizations worldwide. Presagia Sports is a multi-sport Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and injury management system that centralizes information needed by athletic trainers, physicians, coaches and physiotherapists while streamlining data entry. It also includes real-time reportin g and collaboration tools. Presagia customers include the World Anti-Doping Agency, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the English Institute of Sport and the Irish Sport Council. Media Contact: Geoff Simpson Director of Sales & Marketing, Presagia 1-514-847-7474 x742 ###

A Look Back at Presagia Sports’ 2012

2017-05-24T14:52:16-04:00February 11th, 2013|All, Blog, General|

  Now that the New Year has officially kicked off, we decided to look back on 2012 and want to thank all of those make it such a great year for us. From launching the mobile version of Presagia Sports and an integrated SCAT2 concussion assessment tool, to a series of successful whitepapers and case studies to watching our customers perform at the Londo 2012 Olympic Games, below is a list of some of our highlights of the year! Whitepapers Keep Their Heads in the Game: Manage Concussion Assessment Like a Pro with the SCAT2 This whitepaper overviews the world-class concussion assessment tool, the SCAT2, and highlights the benefits of integrating it with an Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. It also includes a full list of states that have signed in concussion legislation.   Choosing the Right Athlete Electronic Health Record System Part 1 of our Athlete EHR system series explores key features to examine when searching for the right Athlete EHR system. It reviews HIPAA and how Athlete EHRs can enhance compliance while offering tips on how to choose the right product vendor.   Building a Business Case for the Purchase of an Athlete EHR System After selecting the right system and vendor, part 2 our of Athlete EHR system series guides you through the process of building and presenting a business case for the purchase of the system. Learn which important elements need to be included in your business case, which features should be highlighted and how to determine the costs.   Case Studies Stanford Athletics Scores Big with Presagia Sports Discover how one of the most prestigious athletic departments in the U.S. manages their athletes' health with Presagia Sports. Over 9,000 students participate in some form of athletics every year from their varsity teams, club sports and physical education courses, making sports a major focus at Stanford. British Horseracing Authority Realizes Benefits of Going Digital with Presagia Sports Based in London, England, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is the regulatory and governing body of horse racing for all of Great Britain. With Presagia Sports, the BHA enforces the highest medical care standards for over 800 jockeys and other participants.   Big News Presagia Adds Mobile Concussion Assessment to Athlete EHR System Presagia Launches Mobile App for Presagia Sports We also travelled to Italy for the XXXII World Congress of Sports Medicine, to neighboring Quebec City for the SportAccord Convention and to St. Louis for the 63rd NATA Annual Meeting - all great events!   We're looking forward to what 2013 has in store! The Presagia Team Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Presagia Sports Customers Bring Home Major Wins

2017-05-24T14:55:58-04:00January 15th, 2013|All, Blog, Company News|

  Three Presagia Sports customers took home major victories, kicking off the New Year with impressive football wins. The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) marks some of the biggest college football games in the U.S. and three of those games – the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the title BCS Championship game – had Presagia Sports customers competing for the title. On January 1, the Stanford Cardinals won the Rose Bowl with a 20-14 win against the Wisconsin Badgers. While it wasn’t a very high scoring game, Stanford took the game in a different kind of way – by blocking Wisconsin from scoring any points in the second half. The 99th edition of the Bowl marked the first Stanford Rose Bowl win since their 1972 victory against the Michigan Wolverines. Also on January 1, the Florida State Seminoles defeated the Northern Illinois Huskies 31-10 for the Orange Bowl title, their first Bowl game win since 2000, when they defeated Virginia Tech for the national title. The Alabama Crimson Tide took home a huge victory on January 7, when they won the title BSC Championship game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish with an extraordinary 42-14. For Alabama’s Crimson Tide, this marks their second national title in a row and third national title in four years, all with Nick Saban as the coach, who left the NFL’s Miami Dolphins for an eight year contract with the Crimson Tide. A big congratulations to all who contributed to these wins!   Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Professional and Amateur Sports Teams Create 40,000 New Athlete EHRs

2017-05-24T15:00:41-04:00December 20th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

  Montreal, Canada, December 20, 2012 – Presagia, the leading developer of web-based athlete health management software solutions, announced today that 40,000 professional and amateur athletes have new Athlete Electronic Health Records (EHRs) within Presagia Sports. This continued growth is driven by the benefits in efficiency and healthcare delivery of digitizing health information and by the sports industry’s movement towards more integrated healthcare for athletes to achieve better results in competition. Sports medicine practitioners have particular needs when treating athletes that are not met by standard hospital or clinical Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. This has led some software vendors to develop Athlete EHRs - solutions designed to address the unique challenges of sports medicine. Athlete EHRs focus on capturing information specific to sports medicine while providing software tools that encourage collaboration among athletic trainers, physicians, coaches, physical therapists and the athletes themselves. These systems also facilitate rapid access from any location – in the clinic, in the training room, on the field, and away at competition. Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible Athlete EHR that enables clients in all areas of sport to integrate and deliver optimized care to their athletes, be they academic institutions, sports medicine clinics, professional teams, or sporting federations. A growing trend, sports medicine outreach clinics like OSI Physical Therapy, UAB Sports Medicine, Presbyterian Orthopaedic Hospital, Catholic Health and OrthoMemphis have recently implemented Presagia Sports to address their recordkeeping needs. These outreach providers are leveraging the Athlete EHR to effectively manage athlete health across the many academic institutions, clubs and other athletic organizations that they work with. Presagia Sports is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed securely from anywhere via computers, smartphones, and tablets, so it’s an ideal solution for these outreach providers who often provide care in the field. A contributing factor to the ever growing number of sports organizations going digital is the increased awareness of concussions and their lasting effects. Pushed into the spotlight by the “master complaint” against the NFL involving nearly 4,000 players, concussions have been receiving high profile media coverage, and some experts are predicting that concussion related lawsuits will be the next big litigation trend. The latest version of Presagia Sports includes an integrated mobile SCAT2 concussion assessment tool as a direct response to this growing concern. Combining the SCAT2 and Athlete EHR in a single system supports more integrated healthcare for athletes. It is Presagia’s ability to innovate and strengthen its system that has led teams like the Santa Cruz Warriors (previously the Dakota Wizards), an NBA D League basketball team to sign on. Mike Douglas, Head Athletic Trainer of the Santa Cruz Warriors, states, “I've watched Presagia Sports evolve over the years and have always preferred its functionality and adaptability over other systems. We decided that an Athlete EHR would allow us to manage our personnel more effectively, analyze our organization and how we handle injuries, as well as cut down on the amount of time lost. It is also very useful [...]

Presagia Adds Mobile Concussion Assessment to Athlete EHR System

2017-05-24T15:11:28-04:00October 4th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

Montreal, Canada, October 4, 2012 – Presagia announced today valuable new features that will significantly enhance how its customers can manage their athletes’ health. Presagia Sports, an Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) system used by amateur and professional sports teams and organizations across the globe, now includes the SCAT2 concussion assessment tool, treatment planning, and expanded capabilities for managing medications. In the wake of the current National Football League (NFL) “master complaint” lawsuit, involving nearly 3,400 players, concussions have been thrust into media headlines and into discussions about improving athlete health management. Thirty-nine states in the U.S. have implemented concussion legislation to safeguard amateur and professional athletes. Presagia, a leading developer of software solutions for sports medicine offers the cloud-based Presagia Sports on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. As a testament to how closely Presagia listens to its users, the Presagia Sports mobile version now includes the widely used SCAT2 concussion assessment tool. With Presagia’s mobile SCAT2, medical professionals diagnosing concussions are guided step by step through the SCAT2 on their smartphones or tablets. The system provides automatic calculations and a built-in timer to facilitate secure, rapid, and accurate evaluations. Baseline tests can be captured and all scores are summarized in a single view so that medical professionals can easily compare the most recent concussion assessment to previous assessments and baseline scores. The system also produces a concussion injury advice document at the end of each evaluation to be provided to the athlete or those responsible for them. Presagia Sports SCAT2 “Concussions and their lasting impact have been receiving much more attention over the last few years, and there has been a real demand for digitized assessment and management tools,” says Peter Rorlick, co-founder and VP of Research of Development at Presagia. “The SCAT2 is a potentially life-saving tool. It is even more powerful when it’s integrated into the Athlete EHR because that ensures all of the people treating the athlete have access to the assessments.” Treatment planning is another new feature that Presagia has brought online today. This feature can change how athlete health is managed - rather than simply recording a treatment after it’s happened, the treatment planning feature allows athletic trainers and other medical professionals to be more proactive and easily plan rehab and other activities in advance to ensure that athletes receive the best possible care. Another enhancement that Presagia introduced today is an expanded capability to track the medications that each athlete is taking. This includes the dispensing and prescribing of drugs, as well as the dispensing of over the counter medications. All of this can be recorded and referenced in the web application and mobile version. The medication data can also be analyzed via the system’s reporting tools, to obtain statistics and expose trends. The medication management features nicely compliment the system’s integrated SCAT2 capability. For instance, after an athlete sustains a concussion, they should not take certain types of medications such as paracetamol, codeine, aspirin or anti-inflammatories. Presagia Sports makes it [...]

WADA Ensures Olympic Athletes Play True

2017-05-24T15:11:50-04:00July 27th, 2012|All, Blog, General|

The world will have their sights set on London over the next two weeks and while the athletes’ performances will be the main focus for most, they aren't the only ones who will be stepping up their game for the summer Olympics. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has made some major moves in preparation for this year’s games. In the last six months, a whopping 71,649 tests have been conducted on summer Olympics sports resulting in 107 athletes being banned preliminarily. With over 6,000 tests scheduled to take place during the games as well, London 2012 will be the most tested games in Olympic history. WADA has also announced that after being under review for several years, a new test for human growth hormone (HGH) has been approved and will be implemented. HGH has been used by professional athletes to stimulate growth and enhance performance for decades and while it is banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) it has been much harder to enforce as it cannot be detected in urine. The new blood test now has the ability to distinguish between natural and artificial HGH and has a much larger detection window than its predecessor which has been used since the 2004 Athens games. This year both tests will be used simultaneously and treated as complimentary tests. All medal winners will be subject to mandatory tests and WADA has publicly reminded athletes that samples can be stored and re-tested for up to eight years. It is WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System, also known as ADAMS, developed by Presagia that has helped move the anti-doping initiative forward by centralizing athlete health data and in turn enabling clean athletes to win the medals they deserve. Presagia is proud of its role in making sports more fair and encourages all to PLAY TRUE. Don't want to miss a blog post? To subscribe to our blog, please email us at

Good Luck to Our Customers Attending the London 2012 Olympic Games

2017-05-24T15:12:06-04:00July 23rd, 2012|All, Blog, General|

With the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games less than a week away, we’d like to extend a sincere GOOD LUCK to all of our customers who will be competing at the summer games. The English Institute of Sport works with over 90 percent of Olympic sports in the UK. Represented collectively as Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) during the Olympic Games, Great Britain has been present every year since the first modern Olympic Gamess in 1896 and has been using Presagia Sports since 2002 to manage athlete health. While they have never gone home empty handed, their most successful year awarded them with 136 medals, 55 of which were gold medals! Here’s hoping that stride continues. While Ireland’s first official Olympic debut was in 1924, Irish athletes have been competitors since 1896, making this their 20th summer Olympics appearance officially. Since 2009, the Irish Sports Council, responsible for the development of sport within the country, has trusted Presagia Sports to manage the health of their athletes. Ireland has some strong prospects for gold medal winners this year that we will be watching closely and eagerly! The Brazilian Boxing, Weightlifting, Fencing and Taekwondo Confederations are also heading to the Games for the first time since implementing Presagia Sports earlier this year. This will be an exciting year for them as the next time they compete at the summer Olympic Games, they will be competing as the hosts. The 2016 Olympics Games will take place in Rio de Janeiro, marking the first ever South American hosted Olympics. Last but not least, to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), a valued customer since 2006, we support you in your quest to maintain that athletes keep playing the game true! The Olympic Games will be taking place from July 27 to August 12. Follow us on twitter @presagia as we’ll be posting live updates as our customers show the world what they’re made of.   Don't want to miss a blog post? Drop us your email and we'll keep you up to date on all the latest Presagia Sports blog news:

Nick Pappas Inducted into NATA Hall of Fame

2017-05-24T15:12:18-04:00July 4th, 2012|All, Blog, General|

Congratulations Nick! Nick Pappas, the Coordinator for Insurance and Risk Management and an instructor in athletic training at Florida State University, has been inducted into the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is the highest award an athletic trainer can receive from the NATA and celebrates those who enhance the quality of care and move the profession forward. Since the Hall of Fame was established fifty years ago, less than 300 athletic trainers have achieved this honor; there are currently 35,000 athletic trainers who are part of the NATA. With thirty five years experience in the athletic training and sports medicine fields, it is Nick’s influential work that has distinguished him. Aside from assisting in the development of local, national and international athletic training programs, Nick has also been a Presagia Sports user since 2008. In fact, we wrote a case study with Nick about FSU’s implementation and use of Presagia Sports which can be found at You can read more about Nick’s story here.   Don't want to miss a blog post? Drop us your email and we'll keep you up to date on all the latest Presagia Sports blog news:

Presagia Sports Goes Mobile

2017-05-24T15:12:31-04:00June 27th, 2012|All, Blog, Company News|

At Presagia, we put a lot of thought and research into what we should build and how to build and deliver it. The what is actually driven by the why. Why would our users want this or that feature? What needs are we trying to address? How will these features help our users to do their jobs better or faster? How can we help athletic trainers and doctors to provide better healthcare to their athletes? A few years ago we introduced the offline capability. A user could download the application and the data for a particular subset of athletes, which would be encrypted and stored on their laptop. The user could then use the application on the laptop with no connection to the Internet, and at a later point in time when a connection was available, resynchronize with Presagia’s cloud-hosted system. This was a lot better than having no access at all, but it kills any possibility of real-time collaboration and communication. If an offline user updated athlete records, other members of the medical team couldn’t see the updated data right away. If the offline user sent messages or notifications, they’d be delivered only when resynchronization occurred. Ideally, if an athletic trainer records an athlete’s injury while on the field or on the road, the team doctor should be notified instantly and should be able to access those notes. If a doctor reviews X-ray or MRI images and records a note indicating a decision as to whether the athlete should be allowed to practice or compete, then the athletic trainers and coaches should in turn know about that immediately as well. The best solution for Presagia Sports was to replace the offline functionality with a mobile app. A few years ago, this wouldn’t have worked very well, but it’s a different world now. Our users are already carrying sophisticated touch-screen phones in their pockets. Actually, these are computing devices that can run applications and browse the net from almost any location, and by the way you can also make phone calls. But until somebody comes up with a better name for these devices, I guess we’ll still refer to them as “phones.” So over the last few months we have designed and built a very cool mobile app, which will be available free of charge to all Presagia Sports customers this summer and we’re very excited about it. It will run on almost any touch-screen device that has an Internet connection – though officially we’re only supporting the latest versions of the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. The app is simple to use and it’s fast. In the mobile app, you can access and update an athlete’s health records and notes. You can record treatments. You can view and send messages and notifications. When you use our mobile app, the data is stored securely in Presagia’s cloud, not on your device. As my 16-year-old son would say, “it’s 100% clouded.” Data that’s entered in the mobile app can be [...]

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