The Evolution

For more 20 years, Presagia Sports has been providing clients around the world with industry-leading Athlete Health Management software.


David Glickman and Peter Rorlick launch Presagia Corp. focusing on medical practice management solutions.


Injury Tracker, our first edition of a sports injury management software is developed through a consulting project for McGill University’s Sports Medicine Clinic. The project is so successful that Glickman & Rorlick decide to make the software available commercially as a Windows Application.


Development on a new and improved web-based version, rebranded as InjuryZone, begins.


InjuryZone is officially released and is quickly adopted by UK Sports, the governing body for the health of British Olympians.


InjuryZone is rebranded as Presagia Sports.


Presagia Sports partners with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to deliver a custom version of the software to manage drug-testing activities in top-tier international amateur sports.


Presagia Sports signs up a fourth Olympic Association, thereby establishing the company as the world leader in athlete health management systems.


Presagia Sports adds additional features including quick treatment options and treatment room kiosks to speed up athletic trainers’ data entry workload.


Presagia Sports makes the move to mobile, allowing athletic trainers (ATs) and other sport medicine professionals to access and update athlete health records remotely as well as access SCAT2 concussion assessment tool on the go.


Presagia Sports updates its concussion management module to SCAT3, making it the first vendor on the market to offer a SCAT3 solution.


Presagia Sports becomes the PAC-12 Conference’s athlete health management software of choice.


Due in large part to enhanced data collection, analytics, and support, Presagia Sports partners with Datalys, the NCAA Injury Surveillance Program which allows schools to optionally provide data for research purposes. This way, organizations can easily share information to focus on improving athletes’ health.


Presagia Sports partners with Privit, an electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation provider. The integration with Presagia Sports will allow athletic trainers to automate and securely collect the full spectrum of athlete health data.

The Future

Look for exciting new features and a brand new look very soon, as Presagia continues to invest in keeping Presagia Sports at the forefront of the industry.

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