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Learn more about what Presagia Sports, leaders in athlete electronic health record software, provides your organization and your athletes!

Built For Your Needs

Just some of Presagia Sports’ features:


University of Alabama


“Since Presagia Sports is Internet based, scanning reports and uploading them to a medical file is extremely simple. All of our staff also benefit from the quick treatment entry mode.”

– John Morr, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Stanford University



“There are certain things we wanted to keep close to the chest at the beginning but we’re now ready to let the rest of the profession in on what we do here and the difference it has made. At Stanford we have the responsibility to push the profession forward. We’re happy and excited about how Presagia’s system has helped with this.”

– Kevin Robell, M.A., ATC, Associate Athletic Trainer

Florida State University



“Having an open line of communication has been a huge benefit. I can get on the phone to learn how a specific feature was designed to work and in doing so use the system better, and I can actually make system suggestions when I think something should work differently. Sometimes I have even teamed up with other Presagia customers to suggest new functionality.”

– Nick Pappas, Sports Medicine Insurance and Risk Coordinator

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